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Major consultant company needs an experienced person who knows well the market of Azerbaijan in order to promote European companies and European products. The main duty of the consultant will be the organization of B2B meetings between the European companies and the Azeri companies which will show interest on the products of the European company. A SMall market research will be needed to carried out before. The business consultant should verify the meetings and the interest if the Azeri companies and when the representative of the European company will come in Azerbaijan, the consultant should accompany him during the meetings and also provide the follow up afterwards. Fluently in English is nesseccary, as well as good knowledge of the Azeri market ( trends, needs for products, contacts with companies etc) . The appropriate candidate should have excellent ability on communication, be ambitious and devoted to full time employment. Attractive salary is provided together with strong bonus upon high performance. Cv: papali@hol. gr

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Цена: 1 500 манат
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Stirixis consulting group
Город: Баку, Baku
Дата: Вторник, 23 Сентябрь 2014
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