Part-time English Teachers

Job description:
Provide intensive foreign language instruction to individuals and small groups. General English, IELTS, English for specific purposes: Business English, English for Banking and Finance, Technical English, Scientific English, Medical English, English for Tourism, Aviation English.
Prepare curricula, conduct tests, and prepare progress reports.
Main Requirements:
Bachelor’s Degree
Fluent English
Preferred Qualifications:
Experience in teaching
International teaching qualifications (TESOL, TEFL, CELTA)
Self-motivation in teaching and students guidance
Teach classes in English
Develop relevant course curriculum
Assess and evaluate trainees
Required Documents:
1.CV / Resume with a recent passport-sized photo
2.Copies of diplomas and relevant certifications
To apply:
Please email all required documents in one email to Successful applicants will be invited to the interview.

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