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We are hiring on behalf of a reputed Web Development company. We need a PHP/MySQL developer to handle our outsourcing projects and this will be a continues job.
800 $ a month

You should be able to communicate in English.

You’ll work from Home and we will guarantee your payment in a fair method,

We need senior PHP Developer with FULL knowledge of Wordpress development.
We need responsive and responsible person. We need our people to communicate effectively. They should be able to follow up and report before having another person as their boss! In our team everybody is a leader! Leaders are able to follow up and report without any other person pursuing them. This is a proactive approach.
Signing NDA, following company rules for reporting and quality control will be necessary.

Main Skills we are waiting from you: PHP,MySql,Wordpress,English

If you are interested in this job, please send your resume in English on email.

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Дата: Пятница, 02 Сентябрь 2016
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